Cranberry powder

Cranberry powder

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 The effects of cranberry are based on the effects of the phytochemicals and vitamins and trace elements contained in the berries. Phytochemicals are biochemically active ingredients including flavonoids. Phytochemicals give the berry the color and taste, in the case of cranberries redness and bitterness, and they act like vitamins as antioxidants, that is, to prevent degeneration.


Nowadays, cranberry treatment is already routinely used as preventive protection and support during inflammation in the elderly. The anti-bacterial adhesion of the cranberry and the organic acids, apple, lemon and benzoic compounds contained in the berry also explain the power of the berry in the treatment of stomach diseases.


Cranberry has another special gift. It contains iodine, the lack of which leads to hypothyroidism. Does not contain additives, fillers or added sugar.

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