Silk cocoon - Matcha tea

Silk cocoon - Matcha tea

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Matcha tea

Is known for its anti-aging benefits for skin. An important antioxidant in matcha tea, EGCG, can help to defy DNA damage that your skin receives every day from UV rays. Not only can this property help to prevent skin cancer, it can also bring benefits for skin by slowing down the aging process. One of the major reasons for aging skin is the damage from sunlight, which our skin receives every single day of our lives.

By using matcha tea daily, you can enjoy the amazing benefits for skin and keep a youthful look.

Consuming EGCG topically can also ensure that you can enjoy the benefits for skin, making your skin smooth, tight and youthful.

Not only can matcha tea be beneficial for its anti-aging properties, it is also useful when it comes to anti-inflammatory. A lot of us would experience redness and irritation every once in a while due the seriously polluted environment.

Matcha tea would have benefits for skin that is suffering from irritation and mild allergies. Matcha tea, like any other green tea, contains a type of polyphenols that only exists in green tea called catechins. Catechins can help to soothe mild redness, irritation and swelling of your skin

these products are usually very hydrating, which can also help to reduce the redness caused by dryness of the skin.

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