Shea butter - Plai ginger

Shea butter - Plai ginger

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Plai Ginger (Zingiber cassumunar)

Ginger is a herb that has been cultivated for thousands of years in India and China. Ginger is used in cooking for its earthquake. In addition to powdered ginger, fresh ginger is well suited to many dishes.

Ginger helps in the treatment of skin diseases. It moisturizes the skin and helps treat rashes.

Ginger has been found in studies to reduce inflammation and infections. Ginger is, in particular, the gingerol's merit of its own, the most effective plants in the natural mother's cabinet.

The effects of ginger extract on knee arthritis pain have been reported in some studies. The efficacy appears to be based on anti-inflammatory compounds in ginger.

Ginger is also well suited to supporting post-exercise recovery, as it can help relieve muscle pain. The effect is based on the gelling properties of ginger.

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