Shea butter - Turmeric & pueraria

Shea butter - Turmeric & pueraria

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Turmeric is a fat soluble, raw material in the group of polyphenols, or antioxidant plant extracts. This is why turmeric fights against free radicals and helps to reduce skin cell oxidation, thus reducing premature aging.

Curcuma also has a keratolytic effect on the skin, ie it prevents skin cells from clinging to each other so that the pores do not become clogged. Thus, turmeric is an excellent raw material for impure skin with pimples and blackheads, and also for acne for its antioxidant properties.

Turmeric also helps to lighten hyperpigmentation as it weakens the melanin overproduction process, which in turn causes pigmentation.




Pueraria mirifica is a growing plant of the genera, known as the Kidneys, in Asia, whose roots have been used as herbs.

Pueraria mirifica is a large-sized climbing plant. It has three-leafed, shiny leaves, purple flowers, hairy bark fruit and husky, top-brown, with white roots. It grows in the rainforest of Thailand.

The dried white powder from the plant's roots has traditionally been used as a dietary rejuvenating supplement in Thailand for both men and women.

Pueraria mirifica has been scientifically studied especially in Thailand, where it has been shown to reduce menopausal disorders such as hot flashes, sleep disturbances, dry skin, high blood cholesterol and amenorrhea.

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